Enzyme LeachServices

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Mobilization and Sample Collection

Data Evaluation and Plotting

Pattern Interpretation

Report Generation and Target Recommendation


Enzyme LeachSM Services aid in the detection of mineral deposits at depths ranging from a few meters to more than one thousand meters. Our proprietary selective extraction techniques were developed over the past 25 years and have been utilized successfully to locate many types of mineral deposits. Ore bodies are indicated by a host of elements that are distributed into positive and negative patterns at surface, above and around the edges of mineral deposits. Trace elements become trapped at parts-per-billion and parts-per-trillion levels within amorphous oxide coatings on sand and silt grains in the soil or sediment in the near-surface environment. Selective extraction by Enzyme LeachSM of amorphous MnO2 within these coatings, and subsequent analysis for up to 68 trace and major elements by ICP-Mass Spectrometry reveals repeatable patterns that indicate blind mineral bodies. Determining a large number of parameters makes the technology robust. The newly-developed TerraSolSM leach selectively extracts amorphous iron and manganese oxides, often producing unique complementary patterns indicating shallower structures and mineralization.


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